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Welcome to FTP Eco-Coffins Limited

FTP Eco-Coffins Limited is delighted to offer the very finest environmentally friendly coffins which have been carefully woven by skilled craftsmen.

Based in glorious countryside on the border of Shropshire and Worcestershire, we used to be known as Fine Timber Products (FTP) but we felt that this title was not reflective of what we do.

Since the company launch in 2001 we have been committed to offering beautiful coffins sourced directly from the environment to clients all over the UK as well as abroad.

While the quality of the products themselves — the majority of which are eco coffins made from willow, seagrass, bamboo and water hyacinth — are an overriding concern, we also place great focus on reliability and a friendly, flexible attitude towards our clients.

Our coffins are competitively priced and while we tend to sell to funeral directors rather than directly to consumers, we welcome any questions about our product range and prices.

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